I'm a big fan of breakfast. I struggle to find things to cook for my toddler though. He prefers an apple and a small bowl of dry honey nut cheerios or licking the peanut butter off some toast. So I saw this recipe in a feed from the New York Times

Since I love both almonds and lemons, I decided to give it a try. 

My skills as a cook are limited. I try new recipes all the time and recently read Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samir Nosrat. So I've been experimenting with salt and different methods of cooking. I made this recipe and loved it (I did add a little extra salt). I like that it has a lot of eggs (I buy pasture raised ones from Farmhouse Delivery here in Houston) and not a lot of sugar and no flour.

I gave it to my toddler for breakfast this morning. I'd like to say that it was a huge success and that he ate it all. Unfortunately, no. He spat it out in his hand and handed it to me. He's not that articulate, but his expression seemed to say, "Too lemony."

Sighing, I washed the slobbery mess off my hands and pulled out the Cheerios...again. "Mommy, Os." 

Yes, Os.

I proceeded to eat almost the entire pan of lemon almond tart by myself throughout the day. I respectfully disagree with his toddler palette. It was damn delicious.