I'm a big fan of breakfast. I struggle to find things to cook for my toddler though. He prefers an apple and a small bowl of dry honey nut cheerios or licking the peanut butter off some toast. So I saw this recipe in a feed from the New York Times

Since I love both almonds and lemons, I decided to give it a try. 

My skills as a cook are limited. I try new recipes all the time and recently read Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samir Nosrat. So I've been experimenting with salt and different methods of cooking. I made this recipe and loved it (I did add a little extra salt). I like that it has a lot of eggs (I buy pasture raised ones from Farmhouse Delivery here in Houston) and not a lot of sugar and no flour.

I gave it to my toddler for breakfast this morning. I'd like to say that it was a huge success and that he ate it all. Unfortunately, no. He spat it out in his hand and handed it to me. He's not that articulate, but his expression seemed to say, "Too lemony."

Sighing, I washed the slobbery mess off my hands and pulled out the Cheerios...again. "Mommy, Os." 

Yes, Os.

I proceeded to eat almost the entire pan of lemon almond tart by myself throughout the day. I respectfully disagree with his toddler palette. It was damn delicious.

Me too

I honestly thought some women just couldn't take a joke. That's what I thought. Men are men and sometimes they say things that are inappropriate, but I'd never actually felt uncomfortable. And then my boss became obsessed with me. On my first business trip for this job-of which there were many-I went to dinner with him when he invited me. I chatted and smiled. I am a friendly person and I was excited to have the new job after spending four years teaching high school. I guess he read more into it. He decided I was his soul mate. 

He would call me all the time and get angry if I didn't answer. He would send me texts. He said inappropriate things about what I should wear for training. He made jealous comments when someone complimented me. He grew irritated when I wouldn't go to lunch with him every single day. He wanted me to meet him for coffee at midnight. He got pissed off when I cut my hair because he "liked my hair long." 

I didn't say anything. I did everything I could to keep my distance from him without upsetting him too much. I couldn't afford to lose my job, and he'd taken a chance hiring me when I didn't have any experience. I felt trapped. And my boyfriend at the time said things like, "Well, what did you say or do to make him think you welcomed his attention?"

I remember feeling crazy hurt that he would imply it was somehow my fault. And then I wondered, was it my fault? Did I smile too much? Should I have refused to go to dinner with him? That's the crazy shit this world makes you believe--that someone else acting like they own you is your fault. Because you smiled. Because you were happy. Because you were yourself. 

A Long Yarn

I took up knitting last year when life was especially difficult. I'm not certain why exactly. I saw all those women last year knitting the pink pussy hats and I just said, "You know what? I'm going to take up knitting." So I did. When I can't write because my toddler finds my computer offensive, I knit, which he also finds offensive, but I find much easier to do with him around. So far I have knitted various hats, scarfs, one beret that I found damn near impossible, a blanket for charity, two tank tops, and finger less gloves. I am obsessed with the feel of yarn and watching my project grow stitch by stitch. I realize that it helps my writing. Each sentence is another row of stitches and each project is marked by the events of my life.

The beanie I knitted for my best friend's new baby happened during my miscarriage. The beret I found impossible, I knitted on a trip to Shreveport to visit my husband's family while listening to Dean Koontz's, The Silent Corner. I knitted a tank top for a friend during a swim competition and the next day, I was knitting when my cab crashed head on into someone on my way home from the airport. The scarf I am working on now is a Harvey project, knitted by candlelight on occasion and still not finished. I didn't need another hobby, but it was the hobby I needed during a difficult time in my life. I wish I had learned sooner. 


The Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series - just $0.99!

So I've been drowning in work and baby duties, though he's getting huge and definitely no longer a baby. I'm working on my latest book, NEVER GO BLACK, which is a departure for me, but is coming along really well.

I've read ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE and THE NIGHTINGALE, both excellent books set in World War II. Highly recommended. I've never been so grateful that I live in the times that I do, though I find Donald Trump horrifying.

But enough of politics, my latest series, THE BILLIONAIRE TRICKSTERS OF BOSTON, which came out last year, is currently available on Kindle for $0.99. So if you haven't had a chance to read them, now's your chance!


RWA Again! Whoo hoo. San D. My hometown

So I was fortunate enough to spend many of my formative years in San Diego, among the mountains, the beaches, and living in the city with my best friend and partner in crime. That's why I'm delighted to say that I am attending the RWA Conference in San Diego (#RWA16) this week, and would love to visit with any fellow authors or fans who are also going.

Come to the @Pocket_BooksOpen House 7/15, 4pm, Grand Ballroom 3-4, for signed books & a cup of coffee with authors and editors! #RWA16

I'm pitching my latest work, a two book series about a woman that is forced to face her ugliest faults when she falls in love with a black man. Fingers crossed that my editor likes what I have so far.

My Latest Unpublished Work: NEVER GO BLACK by Nicole Camden

My Latest Unpublished Work: NEVER GO BLACK by Nicole Camden

I'm also hosting a giveaway to celebrate:

Have a great conference!

XOXO Podcast. Once upon a time in New York and "I hate a clown."

So, once upon a time I was a desperately frumpy, recently graduated English major transplanted from sunny California to the fabulous New York city. I interviewed for a job with then editor Lauren McKenna and senior editor Amy Pierpont. Much to my delight, they hired me and for two glorious years, I was an assistant editor at Pocket. But deep down, I always wanted to be a writer, so I moved on. Part of me has always wondered if I should have stayed. But then maybe I would never have been published.

At any rate, I'm thrilled every time I get to hang out with my former boss and friend, even virtually. So recently when they asked me to do a podcast with XOXO After Dark, I said, "Absolutely." So there I was, standing in the lobby of Margaritaville in Shreveport while my father in law stared at me like I was insane as I tried to check in and answer interview questions at the same time. I was surprised you couldn't hear the slots in the background.

It went live today and I listened to the whole thing. I wasn't there for the beginning, where Lauren,. my editor Kate, and another Pocket editor, Abby, talked about magic, circuses, and whether zoos should be banned. I learned a lot. I never knew about the elephant walk in New York. SO cool. Or that my former boss, "hates a clown," lol. Or that my editors get drunk and watch Blackfish and Guardians of the Galaxy. But I had a great time talking to all of them.

If you have a chance, check it out at XOXO After Dark Podcasts. Learn about my Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series, and how the men work their magic.

Also, there are only two days left in the big LIE IN THE MOMENT giveaway. Get in while you can and get a $150 gift card to your bookstore of choice or!

For Lauren, Abby, and Kate:

Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King was awesome. Coney Island is to this day the weirdest place I’ve ever been. I hope you all survived the snow storm in comfort with a good book. Love ya!

#Nook Romance Daily Find & #Giveaway!

So I'm working on some huge promo for LIE IN THE MOMENT. The miracle book that I managed to finish even with a 4 month old. I vaguely remember writing At any rate, I'm running some advertising and also a giveaway starting in January. So celebrate the new year right and be on the lookout for LIE IN THE MOMENT! The giveaway includes a $150 Amazon gift card or a gift card to the bookstore of your choice! 

And in even better news, the first book in my Romance Suspense series, Mistresses of Fate, will be promoted at a discounted price for 1 day @ Barnes and Noble: Strings of Fate.

Just a $0.99! Whoo hoo! So get it on the 9th.

Reading "Yes, Please!"And Singing ABCs

So, I was listening to Amy Poehler's book  on Audible and she mentions in the intro how difficult she found writing and taking care of her children. Listening to it, I just laughing and nodding my head in sympathy. I recently finished the last book in my billionaire series, LIE IN THE MOMENT, and there were moments when I asked myself..."WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" But I did manage to finish it. I even like it. So that's something.

Now I  am struggling to get started on a new project. Unfortunately my books aren't really selling, so it's hard to justify the time away from my darling boy or neglecting sleep to work on something that may or may not ever get published.

I can't give it up though. I thought that maybe I could, but even as I sing the ABCs for the 500th time, I am thinking about what I could write next, even when I know that three quarters of the way through it, I will be cursing every word and wondering why in heaven's name I do this to myself. Masochistic. Maybe. Probably. All the indicators are there...especially if you read my books. Lol.

Still looking for readers to provide an honest review online of my latest book, A FRENCH WHIPPING. Will happily send a copy of the ebook. Just email me at

Connor and I traveling for work. My huge baby!

Connor and I traveling for work. My huge baby!

The second book in my Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series.

The second book in my Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series.